Teeth Whitening in Delaware, OH

Teeth Whitening Can Brighten Your Smile.

Over time, teeth can become stained and yellowed from coffee, soda, tea, and other foods and drinks. You can whiten your teeth regularly if you want to prevent these stains and brighten your smile. 

Maintaining a bright smile all year long is easy when you choose Eric Batterton, DDS, to whiten your teeth in Delaware, OH. At Eric Batterton DDS, we use Boost by UltradentWe can apply the whitening gel in the course of two appointments held at our office. Plus, we’ll send you home with trays and gel so that you can touch up your smile after a few months have passed.

Why Teeth Whitening is Important

While store-bought teeth whitening kits may be cheaper, there are many advantages to investing in professional teeth whitening. We’ve outlined some of those benefits below.

Whitening Makes You Look Younger and More Attractive

The majority of patients complain that their teeth are stained. If your smile isn’t as white and bright as it used to be, you might feel self-conscious about your appearance. Fortunately, teeth whitening can help. In fact, many people say that they look five to ten years younger after getting their teeth professionally whitened.

Yellowed Teeth Can Be A Sign of Poor Oral Hygiene

While it’s true that some foods and drinks can cause your teeth to stain, yellow teeth can also be a sign of poor oral hygiene.  Even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly, having yellow teeth can make it appear that you don’t keep them clean. Getting your teeth whitened can make you look better and healthier.

How Teeth Whitening Works: Our Process at Eric Batterton DDS

Now that you know some of the reasons to get your teeth whitened, you’re probably wondering how the process works. At our office, we use Boost by Ultradent. This professional-grade teeth whitening system is much stronger than any over-the-counter kit you can buy.

Dr. Eric Batterton and our team will apply the whitening gel to your teeth and then use a special light to activate the gel. The light will help the gel penetrate your teeth and remove any stains or discoloration. He will then remove the gel and repeat the process until your teeth are as white as you want them to be.

You will see a difference after just one treatment, but we recommend getting your teeth whitened every six months to keep them looking their best.

If you’re ready to improve your smile, contact us today to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening in Delaware, OH.

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