What Do YOU Use to Floss?

Please say floss, please say floss, please say floss….   

You wouldn’t be alone if you said something OTHER than floss. A recent survey published in the ‘ADA News’ found that the 1,005 adults questioned have used fingernails, business cards, safety pins and even strands of hair to floss. Some dentists have reported that patients have told them they’ve used matchbooks, loose electrical wires, screwdrivers, pocket knives, twigs and toe nails  (UM… WHAT?)

While I personally applaud thinking ‘outside of the box’ and resourcefulness, I’m a bigger fan of things safe and sanitary. There are many things you can do to live on the edge – this isn’t one of them. So, here’s a suggestion: If you don’t have floss within easy reach, put some floss (or plastic dental picks) in a sandwich baggie to keep in your car, your work bag, your desk drawer and please don’t put random objects in your mouth to clean those hard to reach places.

All joking aside, bacteria can lead to a lot of negative things in the human body.  Flossing is so important to good oral health which directly affects your overall health. Please floss often and use the appropriate tools for the job.