Thanks for the review, Becky!

We always appreciate it when patients take time to give us any feedback, and love hearing from satisfied patients after a job well done. Thanks again, Becky H.!

Visited Dr. Batterton’s office for the first time on May 22, 2018. This dentist and his staff are amazing. I was treated with abundant care, consideration and respect. I was traumatized by our family dentist at an early age and have always gone to dental appointments with a deep sense of dread. Never again. I had an extraction of a badly broken molar. I felt no pain or anxiety whatsoever during the procedure which went very quickly. They did not encourage me to leave until we were all satisfied that I truly felt well enough to go home. I was given thorough instructions and Dr. Batterton’s cell number in case I had a problem. Left the office totally impressed with the care and professionalism I experienced. The icing on the cake? Dr. Batterton phoned me about six hours later to check on my well-being. Our new dentist. Highly recommend. – Becky H.

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